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All of our puppies have been reserved, thank you

Sister & Ruger have new babies, they were born 5/30 and will be ready 7/25.  all the males are reserved, we have some females available 

These puppies are  $1500 limited AKC & $2000 full registration.  $200 to hold.  Shipping is an additional $500+ depending on airport

All of these puppies are reserved.   We will be having a new litter in August, Esther & Ruger & Ruger & Pink  


Check out our FB page, I will update it with new information 


updated 7/30/2020

 Deposits Rec:

Henderson~  Male 

Smith~ Male 

Dailey~2 Females

Meyers~ Female 

Darnell~  Female 

Kiser~  Female 

Kinglesmith~  Female 


Deposits rec for next litter

Zanowiak~  Male

 Doll~  Female

Cassidy ~ Male










Sister's girl 1 orange Sold Dailey

Sister's Girl 2 Purple Sold Dailey

Sister's girl 3 Red Sold Darnell

Sister's girl 4 gray sold Meyers

Sister's girl 5 green sold kinglesmith

Sister's girl 6 yellow sold Kiser

Sister's boy 1 Blue, sold Henderson

sister's boy 2 Black, sold Smith

Callie's boy 4 Green Collar Sold Nauman

Callie's boy 5 Black Collar Sold Goldin

Proudly we are an AKC Breeder of Merrit

Duke~ not available, just proud dad :)