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All of our puppies have been reserved, we will be having another litter in February

 We are excited to announce we have  a new litter!!  River Run's Karma will getcha & our new male River Run's good timin Hank.  Hank is a son of an african import who was championed sired.  karma is Callie & Duke's daughter, she has many AKC champions in her pedigree.  These are extrodinary puppies.

This litter will be priced at $1500 limited AKC registration (no breeding or showing rights)  $2250 Full  AKC  registration.  Now taking deposits, $200 to  hold.  Shipping maybe available starting at $500 depending on mode of transportation (air, ground)  They were born 12/11 and will be 8 weeks old 1 female still available  still available 


Check out our FB /page, I will update it with new information 


updated 1/9/2021


Deposits recieved for next litter:

Meyers~  Male  

Watkins! ~ Male

Roggie~ Female

Fuqua~  Female

Whitlock~ male 

Isadore~  Female 

Sharif~  Male

Ganzkow~ male 

 Vanderbreggen~  male 

Guttilla~ Male

 Carter~  female 

Jones~  female









Karma's girl 1 Pink Collar Sold Roggie

Karma's girl 2 Bright green collar Sold Isadore

Karma's girl 3 purple collar Sold Carter

Karna's girl 4 Yellow collar Sold BrodBeck

Karma's girl 5 Orange collar Sold Fuqua

Karma's girl 6 White collar Sold Jones

Karma's boy 1 Brown Collar sold Whitlock

Karma's boy 2 light green collar Sold Guttilla

Karma's boy 3 Gray collar Sold Lindsey & Meyers

Karma's boy 4 baby blue collar Sold Sharif

Karma's boy 5 Purple collar sold Van Der Breggen

Karma's boy 6 Red Collar Sold Watkins

Karma's boy 7 White collar Sold Ganzkow

Proudly we are an AKC Breeder of Merrit

Duke~ not available, just proud dad :)